Monday, September 24, 2007

what weekend?

It looks like everyone had a busy and crazy weekend filled with bad runs. I worked saturday on installing under cabinet lights in our kitchen and it took me all day. The beautiful sexy wife and I went to see Superbad and then out to dinner afterwards. That movie is hilarious, we will be buying that when out on DVD. Woke up sunday and went for a run. It was so hot and I didn't bring my water bottle with me. I stopeed at the 3 mile mark and walked the rest of the way home. It was only 9:30 in the morning and hot as hell already. After a quick run to the store with the wife, spent the rest of the day finishing painting our stairwell. Looks great and glad to be done.

I am looking forward to the fall and especially the cooler weather that won't kill any more runs. This summer has been very hot and very dry, I'm not sure how the leave changing colors is going to happen but the cooler temps will help. It is suppose to be a little cooler this weekend.

Friday, September 14, 2007

troubled run

Went for a 4 mile run last night and ended up with a 2 mile run ending with a mile and half walk. Was doing good all the way to the turn around and then I started to have a nose bleed. I stop running and was walking while I squezzed my nostrils and making the bleeding stop. About a quarter mile later it stops and I think lets try running again, my left knee starts bothering me and about a 100 yards later it is to the point of I couldn't even walk. I kept walking and hoping that the pain would go away or supside. I walked the whole way home and thankfully the knee pain did go away and I will try again tomorrow morning for a complete run.

I was thinking during the walk that I am very lucky to be able to do the things I do and again I was thinking how lucky I am to be heathy and outside. The weather people are calling for cooler weather this weekend and all next week. I am hoping so as this summer has been dangerously hot to enjoy anything outside.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

A day we will always remember where we were

I will always remember where I was on this day 6 years ago. The sad and fearful feeling that we all had was great and I didn't know what was going to happen or what I needed to do to make life meaningful. My wife and I were just newly married and living in the bonus room of her brothers house, I was interning at a computer learning center and had no money. We were both very sad and were very limited on what we could do to help. It is sad to see the images on tv and remember all these feelings again. Having served four years in the Coast Guard 15 years ago and remember thinking that this is the least I could do for my country, standing proud of all the things we did, who we saved, and who we protected. I am very lucky to live where I live in the freedom that is allowed to me in this great country. God Bless America!

Friday, September 7, 2007

Shamu rocks

Had a great trip down to Sea World and lots of fun. The big boy loved the dog and cat show the best. While we were waiting for the Shamu rocks show, the big biy and I went for a walk around the Shamu section of the park and I took him to the underwater viewing area for Shamu. There was no one there and no whales in the tank. We played around for a little and all of a sudden the gate in the tank opens up and in comes Shamu. The big boy gets so excited and starts running between glass windows and Shamu is following along. It was the coolest thing. I don't believe in keeping animals in cages or tanks but I do appreciate when they help troubled animals. I was explaining to the big boy that these animals are in the wild but Shamu and his friends were sick and Sea World is helping them get better.

As I left work Thursday looking forward to starting my vacation, I was rear ended by a 16 girl driving 4 or 5 boys around. I was stopped and knew she was going to hit me as she was looking down in the passenger seat. We were all ok and I had some neck issues from the whiplash. My car is in the shop getting repaired and I was hoping for it to be totaled. I have a POS dodge neon that is so unsafe and we hate it. I am driving a rental car and don't want to trade it in. A 2007 dodge charger that is nice and roomie and fast. I am pretty sure I will be driving this for at least 2-3 weeks and know that come time to return it I won't want to. My son likes it better also.

I haven't had any runs this past week but am planning on starting back up tomorrow morning. My neck is still a little sore and I am hoping that the run will help relax the muscles.