Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's been a while, how are we

Time has been flying by with very little time for me to do many things, including updating this blog. Things have been good and very busy for me, never really allowing me to spend time on any projects. This brutal winter has not been playing fair though for both my outside activities and hobbies. I have been taking the little angel on runs every Sunday though so she can take a good nap and I get get fresh air with getting miles in. I run for about an hour to an hour and half around the community we live in for a 8 to 10 mile run. We both love being out there together spending awesome bonding time while I push her in the stroller. She is getting so big already and walks around the house likes she owns the place. She loves being around her big brother who has a blast making her laugh at his antics all the time. The two of them really have a special bond already that keeps growing, hopefully will always be strong with them as well.

Work has been absolutely crazy for me since October with no time to even take any deep breathes. I am enjoying being busy though so I am working hard on getting fresh air daily and walking around outside for a short time.

I hope everyone has been doing well and keep moving, doing something that makes them happy and feeling good.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.