Thursday, January 24, 2008

time for rest and recovery

I may have a stress fracture above my left ankle after last weeks runs and I am going to give myself plenty of running rest. I was signed up to run a race saturday morning but at 4 am, I was awakened by the wife being sick in the bathroom. I had everything ready the night before but decided to cancel the run and take care of the wife and big boy. I am glad I did and then decided to take a little break for running to let the leg heal. I am definetely still busy with exercise and activites and actually I caught a head cold over the weekend so I am going to do lots of recovering for a couple of weeks.
Give lots of hugs and kisses to all of your loved ones!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

pay the bills

I have been stressed a little lately trying to figure how to pay off some of our bills and not have to spend any time away from the family. I am going to have to get a second job that will pay some of our bills. I am planning on looking for and applying to jobs this weekend and I am looking for a very simple job that pays fairly good (don't we all want that)and will work probably as much as I can saturday and maybe 1 other day a week. I worked 3 jobs back when I was in college and before I met my wife. It wasn't that bad really and only had a hard time when I drank to much the night before and paid the price at work. Now it is different, I have a wife and kid and I already spend 50 hours at work and driving to work. I am only planning on working a second job for a little while and just hope I get a good job. I am going to try the local golf course and then try Best Buy. I should of worked a second job before my son was born. I know, should've, would've, could've!

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

holiday is over

Had a great weekend and really enjoyed spending the whole weekend with the big boy and wife. We put all of the christmas decorations away and organized the new additions of toys to allow for proper storage. We really need to work with the big boy on learning to clean up after he is done playing. It isn't that we hate doing it, we just want him to understand that everyone is not his butler. The weather was perfect on Sunday and we were able to play with all of his outside presents that he got for Christmas, he rode his bike, played golf in the back yard, and played basketball for a couple of minutes. It was really great and at the end of the day, I cooked hamburgers on the grill in the beautiful weather.

I did have a great 5 mile run saturday night and was feeling really good. I did the same 5 mile run on monday night and ran in my new balance shoes. I tried to pick my pace up for the whole run and now my left ankle and shin are hurting. I paid the price and I still had a 9:30 pace. I am going to take a couple of days rest and run again this weekend.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Starting '08 with a bang

Started the new year off with a good bang. Woke up around 7:30 and drove to the greenway. Ran the 4 mile trail and after the first 3 miles, I was finally defrosted and feeling really good. I finished the 8 miles with a 9:40 pace. I had a good run and really enjoyed myself out there. I like getting the run over with first thing in the morning and can enjoy the rest of the day with the family. I took a couple of pictures while I was running in case any big publications want to use me as a cover or a spread. We hung out for the rest of the morning and went to see Water Horse at 2:30 with the InLaws. Movie was ok and the big boy said he enjoyed it. Hope everyone had a good and safe New Years.