Thursday, January 10, 2008

pay the bills

I have been stressed a little lately trying to figure how to pay off some of our bills and not have to spend any time away from the family. I am going to have to get a second job that will pay some of our bills. I am planning on looking for and applying to jobs this weekend and I am looking for a very simple job that pays fairly good (don't we all want that)and will work probably as much as I can saturday and maybe 1 other day a week. I worked 3 jobs back when I was in college and before I met my wife. It wasn't that bad really and only had a hard time when I drank to much the night before and paid the price at work. Now it is different, I have a wife and kid and I already spend 50 hours at work and driving to work. I am only planning on working a second job for a little while and just hope I get a good job. I am going to try the local golf course and then try Best Buy. I should of worked a second job before my son was born. I know, should've, would've, could've!

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