Monday, May 23, 2011

28 years

The baby angel and I did a 6 mile sweatfest yesterday morning that I wasn't sure I was going to complete or not. We left around 10 in the morning so I thought it wouldn't be that bad, WRONG. I felt good and strong for most of it but the heat and humidity was so bad, I had to walk some of it. The little angel loved all of it and took a good nap for about 30 minutes. It was so nice to go for a run with her outside enjoying the hot day. I thought the whole run about missing my mom. Yesterday was 28 years since she passed, even though I feel her watching over me and my family everyday. I do miss her alot as well as my dad too. I started doing the crossfit workout of the day the wife tells me she did that day and I love it. I only did half of the workout out the other night because I had the puppy with me for the run portion and was getting to much for him. Looking forward to doing more this week and in the future as well.

Seeing the damage and hearing the stories from Joplin is heart wrenching and makes me sad. That is awful and thinking and praying for all involved.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

Friday, May 20, 2011

a year

It has been a year since my Dad has passed and I miss him more today then ever. I haven't slept much this week and last night was a very rough night for me. I think of Dad every day and most of the time is happy memories but the hardest part is not being able to have the discussions or to run things by him anymore. I pray to him and Mom everyday which is a strong aspect to myself, but I miss them everyday. I am very lucky to have all the I have in my life and I love my life. My family is the best and live everyday as the happiest man alive, even though I do not live close by. My beautiful wife, son and daughter are the best also with so much love for me and life. Getting through some rough times just hoping for the strength to live everyday to the fullest and love everyone in my life. Thank you for everything Dad, still one year after your passing. You have given me the most amazing and incredible life, I am forever grateful.

Love and cherish your loved ones every chance you can. Live everyday to the fullest

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

running busy

Busy, busy bee. Spring has been crazy busy as well as very crazy weather. Lots going on in our world from selling our house, building new house (with contigency), camping trips with scouts, patio building, walking baby, running baby, and puppy training class. Runs have hapened when I can fit them in and most have been short. The beautiful angel wife joined a running program through her work and we ran a 5k friday evening through downtown Charlotte which was fun. The race was the goal of the running group so the wife is saying she is done, I think I will get her out more though. I have gone on a couple of early morning runs before school and work to get them in and have enjoyed the peace and calm. This weekend I took the baby angel for a run facing forward and she loved it. My hamstrings were sore though and running in the heat was tough also but I kept at it.

I have let my core slide some and I am paying the price. My shoulder area is killing me from holding and carrying the growing baby angel. I need to get back into the program of getting some exercising in the small windows of opportunity that I have. Work has been extra rough lately also which has been the hardest obstacle to clear. I need to try harder to take care of myself first though so we will see.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get! Live everyday to the fullest.