Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Fathers day

I have been enjoying going for runs 2x a week lately, and trying to get back in the swing of things. The weather has been perfect for running and playing outside. The baby angel joins me on one of the runs usually which gives me a big workout, not much of a baby anymore. She usually sings for me while we are out which is nice.
Trying to camp out with the kids as often as possible. The big boy and I did hammock camp week ago and loved it, we will be doing more of that soon.

Happy Fathers day to all the dads out there, and the ones in heaven. Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live every day to the fullest.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

In the middle of a busy week and happy to have had 2 great runs. I was babysitting the baby angel on friday so I took her to the greenway here in Charlotte and got in around 7 miles. Felt great to be out running through the park, but I'm not sure if I enjoyed it more or the baby angel. She was so excited to be out on a run with me while enjoying the river, trees and all the birds. Looking forward to doing that again. I also took her last night for a run with the dog for a quick 2 mile run. The dog did great on the run so I am going to try to increase his mileage soon.

I did take a trip to the mountains this weekend with the dog and big boy for an overnight visit to my family's house. My mom and sister are on spring break so we visited for a day. Really wish we could stay longer as there is so much stuff to do there that we haven't done. The weather was amazing all weekend that didn't help come leaving time. Looking forward to spending some more good times there this summer as a family.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

Monday, March 5, 2012

long time

Even though this has been a very mild winter and conditions have been great to get out and run, I have had a very non-running winter and I'm paying the price for it. I did get out yesterday afternoon for a 4 mile run which was really rough the whole time but so happy that I was able to get out and go. Our house has had sickness after sickness with myself getting a bad cold twice last month. I think that was the first time that has happened to me. The kids have been taking turns on the sickness as well and now it is the beautiful angels turn. We have been very busy tough this winter with very little time for workouts and such, but we are starting to make them a priorty now.

The beautiful angel wife and I are volunteering at the Charlotte Spartan Sprint race on 3/24 which I can't wait. I may try to run the course as well on that day or Sunday, but will see on how I feel come race day. Will be so much fun to do. We are also starting soccer for the big boy next week at our town league which will be good to get out and have fun as a family.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I keep laughing!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Crazy busy here with lots of traveling to different countries as well as local places. The beautiful angel wife and I went to Grand Cayman Island for a week without the kiddies or pets for our 10 year anniversary as well as my 40th birthday. She suprised me with some of our neighbors coming along as well as meeting up with our childhood friend from Florida. The island is absolutely amazing and we all had the time of our lives. We all needed it for sure as we came home with fully recharged minds and spirits. I did get out for 3 runs while we were there on the beach, about 4 miles each time. Was nice to sweat off some of the alchohol off but enjoying the white sand beaches and cyrstal clear water made it all worth while. We did some sort of island activity everyday with each one being unique and amazing. I was planning on doing some diving there but being the only one from the group that is certified, I opted to hang as a group and snorkel with them, which we snorkeled at least twice a day on the most amazing reefs I've ever seen and the reefs in the Florida keys is good in some areas. Was a great time and definetly want to go back again, next time with the kiddies, missed them and was happy to get back. Was nice to have adult time with the beautiful angel wife though, we needed it.

I took a week off of running since returning home to prevent injury and opted for some good earned rest with the family. Hope everyone is safe and sound after Irene.

Love and hug your loved ones every cahnce you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

Monday, July 25, 2011

hot! hot! hot!

With temps all across the country in the red danger zones, outside events have been moved or missed in my neck of the woods. I decided to rest my legs after running 5 miles on the beach in Charleston the weekend before so I only ran early Saturday morning. I decided that I would do a quick 4 mile run and didn't bring water bottle with me. Wrong, even at 8 am. It wasn't bad once I turned back for the run home as I was into the wind but I was already hurting from the run out. I don't like to complain about weather but this is bad.

The weekend trip to Charleston was awesome and exactly what the beautiful angel wife and I needed. We had a blast together as well as with our friends who live there and are the best for letting us stay with them. We took them to dinner at a new place they wanted to try 17 North, absolutely amazing with a very relaxed atmosphere, local ingredients, and the most amazing food ever. Worth a trip in itself. The next day was a walk on the Ravenel bridge which for the first time for me a little rough, probably from the drinking the night before. Was great time visiting Charleston and love spending time with the wife.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

mountain time

Last week was spent up in the NC mountains at the parents house and we all absolutely loved it. We spent all of our time relaxing and enjoying ourselves together, can't wait for more. The trip did have a small visit to urgent care after the baby angel jumped face first into a rocking chair base. She is out of control almost all the time but such a wonderful angel at the same time and thankfully she was fine and needed no medical assistance. We all went on plenty of dog walks around the mountain with 3 little dogs needing to do their business. I went for a nice run up the mountain and not sure how someone could live up at the top. I really enjoyed the run and look forward to many more there. We spent many evenings on the deck and celebrated the 4th of July in Waynesville and with sparklers on the deck. Was a great time. I stayed up way to late every night there and carried that with me home so I have been extra tired lately.

Looking forward to tomorrow as the beautiful angel wife and I celebrate 10 wonderful years married. We are going to Charleston this weekend as our yearly getaway and are looking forward to it. So lucky to have all that we have in our life and be happy together all these years.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.