Tuesday, August 18, 2009

mountain weekend

What an absolutely amazing weekends that both me and the big boy did not want to end. We left friday afternoon for the mountains to spend with my parents while they work on getting a house. We didn't do anything friday evening but go to the hotel, but we made up for that on saturday. We woke up a little late and went to breakfast at a small mom & pop place. We then went to look at the house they are buying and what an amazing thing. The house is absolutely beautiful with a view to die for. Looking at the property as well as the house, I was thinking of all the endless things I would do on the numerous weekends and vacations at this house. We then left and went to go for a nice hike on a trail, the boogerman trail. Very nice horse trail (lots of landmines) that starts off crossing a stream on a tree bridge. The big boy lead the way down the trail with my parents and me following his lead. The weather was absolutely perfect and even better in the shade of the forest trees. We hiked for about a total of 4 miles and we were all ready for lunch when we arrived back at the car. After lunch, we decided to split up and my dad and I would play golf while the big boy and mom would go to the pool park. The golf was great as I played really good for not playing since January. We walked the 18 holes though and the two of us were beat at the end. We all went to dinner afterwards and then a deep sleep back at the hotel. Sunday morning we had a really good breakfast at Joey's Pancake House in Maggie Valley, which will be a regular stop for any mountain trips. The drive home started rough with very heavy traffic leading up to and through Asheville. Still made it home within 3 hours and then I had to go to a Knights of Columbus meeting. I joined that night and am looking forward to doing many good things with them. Still no runs to report but would miss many more for a weekend like that.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest!

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