Wednesday, May 13, 2009

walk to poop

Well, I didn't go as long as I wanted for the relay for life, but was absolutely a great event with plenty of great things going on for the event. I was hoping that the beautiful wife and big boy would do some walking with me but neither of them cared at all about the walk, except the big boy loved the tons of kids things to do there. I brought the big boy with me at the beginning and he was very excited when he saw the field filled with lots of kids activities but was fighting me trying to get situated with where things were. Took me about 10 minutes to find the registration tent, not even sure it was the registration tent but I was able to grab a survivor shirt, hat and pin which I wasn't planning on getting since I don't really consider myself a survivor. Yes, I had a cancer (stage II) and it was removed but it was removed during my lunch break one day. I didn't put the purple survivor shirt on at first or take a survivor lap but walked around with the big boy looking for a shirt for him or even his school tent. Never did find it and he just wanted to do the kid stuff anyway. We were in line for the sphere ball roll where the kids get in this big ball and they roll you around, when an old classmate of his was in front of us so we talked to them for a couple hours. I didn't like any of the food that was at this event so decided to take the big boy to McDonalds at 9 for dinner since the beautiful wife wasn't going to do anything. Dropped the big boy off at 9 and then decided that I would just walk back to the school for the walk. BAD IDEA!! I walk for several hours and then my feet started to hurt so I sit on the bleachers for several minutes and then ... I have to poop! No way am I going to at the high school so my thought is, home. I start walking and it gets real bad, and as soon as I get in my development I start running. It isn't that bad except when I finally get home I am sweaty and have to unlock the house, turn off the alarm and then finally get to poop. I am exhausted at this point so think I will just go to sleep and go early in the morning, but I'm still sweating so I decided to cool down on the floor down stairs. I wake up two hours later and finally climb into bed, wake up late and then the wife stays in bed so I am stuck watching the big boy. I finally decide that I'm going to just go to the walk by myself and drive there but there is only like 15 people most there, so told myself to forget it. I have a ton of stuff to do anyway so I start working on that. Busy weekend for me and didn't get anything done that I wanted to but oh well. Next year I want to go real big and probably going to create my own team and stay the night!

Good run last night of 4 miles with absolutely perfect conditions. Felt great to be out moving around and again thinking that I really need to build up my running mileage. I didn't run much through winter cause I didn't want to get sick so I can visit my dad when needed and the spring has been consumed with not only my dad but helping the wife, and be there for her and the big boy after the loss of the baby. It has been a very difficult couple of months but very happy to made it through strong and ready to get back out enjoying it all. The pool opens up this weekend so I'm hoping to get in some cross training.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest!

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