Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Best Thanksgiving weekend ever!

I was very stressed and tense for a week leading up to the holiday weekend. I was worried about the long drive down to south Florida with all the crazy drivers out there. It was a long drive that took 12 hours and getting in to my parents house at 3 am. I woke up at 7am and hung out for a little with my mom and little sister. I decided to go for a run while my mom went to the store for a couple of things. I did a quick 3 mile run through my old stomping grounds and really enjoyed the flatness. The temp was perfect and no issues what so ever. When I got back to the house I helped my mom with a couple of things and then we all got ready for our family pic. Everyone was there except my beautiful wife and big boy which hasn't happened since my wedding over 7 years ago.

The rest of the day only got better and we played games outside, drank, joked, talked, and visited with old friends. The meal was awesome with tons of good food and cold beers. My family are the biggest Dallas Cowboy fans so we all watched the game while the wives talked. A couple of my brothers and I played football against another 3 boys and we beat them pretty good. When it was over with and everyone went the seperate ways, I decided to head over to my best friends house to hang out for a little. Two of my brothers, best friend and myself hung out and talked til around 11ish about anything and everything in his back patio. I slept on his sofa and had one of the best night sleeps ever. We woke up around 8 when his wife was leaving for work and had breakfast. I said I was planning on going to the beach and running and my best friend said he would ride his bike with me. We loaded up and made plans to go out on the boat later with my brothers and SIL. We drove to a shopping center parking lot in Deerfield beach in which we started from there and began to cross a intercoastal waterway bridge which started to open for a boat so I had to really run fast. When we got to the beach we stopped for a second to look at the awesome flat ocean. I proceeded to run north up to Boca inlet and decided to keep going to the next main intersection of Palmetto. We stopped there for a second and I talked to another brother and then my wife called. We turned around and headed back along A1A to our starting point. Before we were headed to the bridge I thought I saw my brother and his family driving along the beach so I said hey lets go see if we can find them. So we went a mile down the beach and didn't see them so we headed back to the car. We did a total of 7.6 miles at a 10 minute pace according to nike+ which doesn't account on the stopping. Absolutely was one of the best mornings, runs, and times I have had. We then headed to another brothers house to meet up with my family (which did not go to the beach) and made a timeline for the boat outing. We went out on my best friends boat and cruised up the intercoastal to the Hillsboro inlet and anchored next to the beach and dredging barge. We all hung out on the beach for a little while and then we decided to go to the top of the lighthouse. Absolutely awesome up there and having been born and raised in south Florida, this was one of the coolest things I have done there as you could see forever up there. When we got back on the boat we discovered that the battery had died and the anchor didn't set so we drifted to the barge. I dove down to get the anchor and had to swim out with the anchor about 100 yards and set it in deeper water away from the barge. What a workout and as I finished this the sea-tow boat showed up to give us a jump. We headed back to dock and then went straight back to my brothers for a bbq cookout. My dad was too sick to come so it was just all the brothers and sisters hanging out and eating while some were making fun of each other. A couple of brothers and sisters and I decided to go see a movie so we drove there and saw the new bond movie. Come 12:30 I am at my parents house and going to sleep. Wake up at 6:30 and decided to hang out and enjoy the day with my family at home. I helped my mom get the Christmas stuff out of the garage and did other things around the house to help out. All of the brothers and sisters showed up for lunch and then I decided to leave the next day for a long drive back. Went to church that night with the family to our church where I haven't been since my wedding and then went and had a great dinner at home. I went to the store and got a real tree for my family and put it up for them. My other best friend came over later that night and we talked for a little until they went home. My dad and I watched a football game until 12 and then talked for little. We went to sleep and then woke up at 7 to leave. It took us 14 hours to get home to Charlotte that day as South Carolina was the worst state with stopped traffic. Abolsutely awesome time and I would do it again today to see family and friends.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.
Happy Birthday Big boy! 5 years old today!

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RunToFinish said...

So amazing to get the whole fam together and just play games, I love that stuff and you're right it so rarely happens!