Thursday, October 23, 2008

weekly routine

We have a routine in our household that is pretty consistent as well as what I consider lucky. The wife and I work Monday through Friday only 8-5 jobs with nothing but family time all the rest of our time. We know we are very lucky to have this kind of schedule and we don't want to change any of it but maybe have more family time. Trying to get some time in for our health is tough but definetely doable. Both the beautiful wife and I have very short exercise routines during the week so it doesn't impose on any family time but still allowing us to get them done. Sometimes I feel like we are stuck in a rutt and we need to change things up a bit to get more out of our routines and health. I don't like feeling this way especially since we just came back from vacation in which I did different routines that were awesome. I think I need to go for a good trail run this weekend to rid myself of this rutt feeling. That is the best thing about running, finding a different place to run to break the rutt feeling is as easy as just doing it. The world is our course and our legs are our means. Get out and go.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get and live life to the fullest everyday!

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