Wednesday, September 24, 2008

needing a run

I have been feeling down a little for the past couple of days because of talk of my dad and the big "C" word. We don't know much of anything for sure but he is going to have surgery sometime in the near future. I heard from a sibling that there is a "mass" around his pancreas. I think we are all trying to stay positive about the whole thing and not assuming anything. I have been having a hard time staying positive though and really am fighting the negative thoughts. I couldn't run over the weekend due to the beautiful wife's birthday and her friend visiting from LA. So last night I finally got out for a much needed run. I felt great and the weather was amazing, fall is here for sure. I do feel better since the run and I think the time alone was what I really needed.

Love and hug your LOVED ones every chance you get and live life to the fullest everyday!

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Gotta Run said...

Embrace your running more than ever. it will help keep every thing else in order.

Hugs to your dad!!!

Keep moving forward!