Thursday, September 11, 2008

My son

My big boy son is growing so fast in both size and emotionally. The big boy has always been taller than most of the kids his age and has been maintaining his height growth all along. The big boy is also growing emotionally more and more everyday and I want this to always continue. I always make time for him and all that he does and wants to do as well as try my best to explain as much as I can to him about all that life has to give. He loves learning about everything there is in life and I love teaching him that anyone and everyone can learn to think how wonderful life is. I believe in the positive way of thinking and use this thinking in explaining to the big boy how things happen and for him to decide on the best way to go about things. He is a very quick learner on everything which makes his beautiful mother and I very happy and proud. One of the many talents and gifts I have in this world is the ability to always keep things on a slow and even pace so as to enjoy all that this wonderful life has to offer to all living things. I believe all living things are blessed in many ways and concentrating on the positives (protagonists) is better for all in this world and the short time we are all here.

My big boy cried a couple of weeks ago because he didn't want anyone to die. I tried to explain to him that everything has to die someday but not to think of that but always think of how awesome it is now and enjoy all there is to enjoy today. I believe he understood my point but it was very cute that the first person he said he didn't want to die was "coach" ( my father). Having only seen him maybe once every year of his life, I wondered how and why he thought of my dad first. I have thought about this also but I haven't spoken to anyone about it. To many people that know my dad, he may be a little strange. Like he wants all of his grandkids to call him coach. He lives for youth soccer with almost every day is consumed in shome fashion with soccer. He used to coach, he still refs games almost once a week, and helped start a breakaway league of soccer in our hometown. Soccer has been a way of life at my parents home since I can remember and my grandmother used to say "I think he will miss my own funeral because of soccer!" He didn't miss her funeral or even come close but youth soccer is his life.

Anyway, I find out through my sisters facebook page that he was in the hospital for the last couple of days because of some sickness. What??? After several calls to my siblings, I finally discover that he had some tests done and we will find out next week the results. No need to panic but this has me wondering and thinking deeply. I came to the conclusion that I am not ready for his death, even though I have been trying to mentally and emotionally prepare myself for this. I consider myself phsycologically strong with a strong determination to live life to the fullest everyday. In the couple of hours following this news I am beginning to think otherwise. I stayed calm and talked myself through this and have told myself to continue to be strong and love all of life and its many blessings.

Love and hug your loved ones and tell your Dad's (and Mom's) you love them! God bless all the family and loved ones of all that were lost 7 years ago today! God Bless USA!

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Mendy said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing your story and I hope Coach pull through this healthy.