Monday, August 4, 2008

New shoes

Had a great weekend even though the big boy is sick and I had a little sinus issues. The big boy and I had lunch with my parents and brothers/sister on the other side of town on saturday. The sears repairman was coming to finish repairing our 2 month old washer machine and I didn't hear from him before we left so I took a chance of missing either lunch or the repair. Quick lunch at Sonic with a hand off of items for me and my brother needing a ride back to his school as my family was headed down to south Florida. As we are leaving sonic enroute to the school 2 exits down the highway, guess who calls, the sears repairman. After dropping the bro off at school, the big boy and I make it home in time for the sears man to come in the house and inform us that it is the wrong piece they ordered! Glad I didn't wait around all day for that waste of time. We spent the rest of the day relaxing at home and playing together.

The beautiful wife and mother-in-law made plans to go to the outlet mall to get the big boy some shoes which I thought would be good to go shopping as well. The big boy gets 3 pair of cool shoes and on the way out, I see a nice pair of running shoes. I haven't had a new pair of running shoes in a long, long time so... I got em and they were really cheap with no sales tax! Got home and attempted to test out the new shoes. Felt amazing the first mile and I haven't had this feeling in a long time. I had a small bottled water with me but was starting to get a cramp just after a mile so I walked and drank some of the water I brought. I walked and ran a 3 mile route with a cramp the whole time but really enjoyed the news shoes. I wasn't feeling great all weekend and have not been properly hydrating and fueling for any runs let alone a humid hot run. I'll try again tomorrow maybe.

Love and hug your loved ones!

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Mendy said...

I love new running shoes! Have a great remainder of the weekend.