Thursday, June 26, 2008

hump day trail run

I stayed home from work yesterday to take care of a sick big boy, and after a early doctor visit a case of bronchitis is the diagnoses. So after a pick up of his antibiotic and eating some lunch we take a good nap and feel all better. The beautiful wife came home early to help take care of him and spend time with him, so I thought a good run was in store for me. I went for my 6 mile trail run at Francis Beatty park and absolutely loved every second of it. I felt no pain in my knees or hamstrings or anything and just plotted along. I went in the reverse of how I usally go and had to stop and get off the trail a couple times for bikers and runners coming by. I won't go that way again. At the 4 mile mark I almost ran into a deer and a nice looking doe at that. It was awesome and picked my spirit up when I needed it. Took a pic of it with my cell phone. Was a great run and looking forward to doing this trail run more.

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Mendy said...

That sounds like fun. I need to run trail runs every now and then. I know they are better for our legs. Pretty picture you captured!