Monday, June 30, 2008

chillin weekend

Had a nice and relaxing weekend and was able to get a long (6.5) run in saturday morning. It was so hot and humid though and I was hoping for more miles but I decided to not push it and enjoy the run for what it is. I need to get some sport beans or clif shots as the heat is taking alot out of me and I need more than just water or gatorade. Finished the run and did some things around the house for the rest of the day. Had a neighborhood cookout to go to saturday night and I took the big boy there while the wife was home sick. Not much going on at cookout as storms lurked close by and the big boy is scared of storms. Good food and good time with the neighbors abd friends even though we left early at 8 so the big boy and the beautiful wife could watch a movie together. Me, back to the neighbors to finish my cold beers with some company.

Stayed and hung out at a neigbors patio til 12:30 and we enjoyed an absolutely awesome night. I slept next to the big boys tent I made in his room on the floor with a little hangoover but felt good after coffee and chillin with the beautiful wife and son. The big boy had a birthday party to go to at our neighborhood pool and once again it was just me and the big boy partying up like rock stars! We played and had a great time in the pool for 3 hours, the most I have been in water since my melanoma event almost 3 years ago. We went home and played for a little and watched tv/movies and then decided to take it easy and ordered pizza.

Hope everyone had good weekends and love and hug your loved ones every chance you get.

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