Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I was tagged by my good friend Jason.

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1. My family called me "the living garbage disposal" cause I would eat everything that was leftover from dinner. The fact that I couldn't get my weight above 150 for years (until I met my wife) has always amazed people that see me eat. I am the 4th kid in a family of 10 and I am the only one that is not finicky about eating anything.

2. I was forced to stop surfing when I was 15 1/2 and was not allowed to be with or talk to my friends. My dad hated surfing and thought it was the devil sport (I would leave the house house before the sun rose to go surfing all day) and beat me up one night after I went surfing all day (good surf 5-7 feet). The friends dad called the cops and when they showed up, they said I had a choice, to press charges and all of us probably would be affected or suck it up for a couple more years and obey him. I sucked it up and my life has been very different since that day. The next day my parents took me shopping for MY OWN CLOTHES for the first time cause anything having to do with surfing was thrown away. My parents were scared and we never discussed that time frame again. My dad has taken my younger siblings surfing since then while I was in the military.

3. My best friend at that time who called the cops was my best man in my wedding and we were inseperable through high school and after the military. I would walk 3 blocks over to where my friends would be waiting to pick me up and we would hang out. We both still surf on occassion and he is more of a brother to me then my 6 brothers. He and his family is the one and only thing that would make me move back to florida.

4. I was in the perfect storm when I was in the Coast Guard and that is the only time that I didn't think we were going to make it home. We left Charleston before the storm and were headed to Portsmouth Va when the storm caught us off of Cape Hatteras NC. We were in 50' seas and I remember looking out the back windows of the bridge and seeing waves break above the bridge. I don't know how we really got through it but when we entered into Chesapeake bay we were listening to a sailboat in trouble talking with the local CG and navy, although they would not be able to send any vessels out to assist them, we informed them that we were about a mile away and we would help them. We got the sailboat in tow and their whole crew had hypothermia. We towed them into the marina and the next day as we were sitting at the dock, 4 men in dress suits walk down the pier and come on board informing us that we had saved the boat of the lawyer for President George Bush (daddy). They handed us thank you letter already framed and took pictures and then were gone. We did recieve medals for that but we didn't think much of it.

5. I start to think of what I am going to eat 2 meals before I eat them. Drive's my wife nuts. I will get very excited and will start to look forward to the meal as it gets closer. That was one of the best things about the military, meals are planned out weeks at a time.

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Have a great Turkey day and enjoy the time with loved ones!


Benson said...

#4, pretty darn cool.
#2, surfing is good for the soul.

Jason The Running Man said...

Awesome Rob! Happy Turkey Day to you and your family..were thinking about you guys! Be safe.

Lana said...

Cool, I'll play along.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!