Tuesday, October 30, 2007

slow down weekend

We decided to take it nice and easy this weekend and only thing planned to do was to get haircuts. Woke up saturday morning and the big guy got his "spikeyboy" haircut. It was still cloudy on saturday but it wasn't raining anymore and the afternoon actually cleared up and was a very nice evening. We had a nice dinner at home and then decided to go thru months of paperwork that was all over our desk. There was nothing on tv and we all hung out in our loft area and listened to the music on the computer.

On sunday we wanted to look into a place to have our big guy's 4th birthday party and we went to Monkey Joe's where they have nothing but those big blow-up bouncy things for kids to run around and slide down. It is pretty cool and he didn't want to go on the big ones at first, but after I went down them he wanted me to take him and we were non-stop after that. We ran around that place for the next hour and half and the wife got everything all planned out to have his party there. We are all very excited and looking forward to having a big party for him. He has only had family parties in the past so this will be lots of fun. When we were done we went home and he and I took a nap together as we were wiped out. We finally woke up and I went for a very nice 4 mile run with no watch on, just a nice easy and steady run. I put him to sleep in his bed that night and I woke up what I thought was around 4:30, but it was only 1am. I went in my own bed and was soon followed by the big guy and I couldn't go back to sleep. I think I finally nodded off around 3 and didn't really pay the price to bad at work the next day. I'm off on wednesday and plan on going to run on the trail.

Make sure we all give lots of love and kisses to our loved ones every chance we can!

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