Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I saw puddles

We are finally getting some rain and I am so grateful for any kind of rain we can get. I was so happy to see the rain on my way home last night that I was a little excited to be driving thru some puddles. I was hoping to get a run in tonight but it looks like the wife and I are gonna watch "Blades of Glory" as it is due back tomorrow. I can run any night but a chance to watch a movie alone with my wife is not something that comes along to much. I didn't get a run in this weekend as I had hoped but I am thinking I will get back on the right track this weekend.

Funny thing happened the other day as my son and I were at the library. We were leaving the library when my son sees a display of military figurenes. As I let him look over all the different characters from all the different branches, I notice a Coast Guard figure doing exactly what I did when I was in. That was the coolest thing as I have never seen one before and was excited to tell my son that that was what his daddy used to do. That's right, I haven't always been sitting behind a desk. Seeing that figurine has made me want to put together a collection of pictures and memoriablia from my Coast Guard days.

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Jason The Running Man said...

Hey Rob, glad all is going well. Hows the little guy doing?