Monday, July 2, 2007

Great Weekend

Very busy weekend and enjoyed every single second. Woke up early Saturday morning at 5:30 and waited for the co-runner who was picking me up to run 10 miles. I was waiting in my garage and a little rabbit came running up to me sitting there and looked at me like "Whatcha doing?" I told him/her that I was about to punish myself and he took off. We got to the greenway at 6:30 and met another guy Mike that was going to run with us also. We walked about a quarter of a mile and then started to run. We started slow at around a 10 minute pace and we were all struggling with the high humidity. We walked for a minute at the 4 mile mark and then picked it up a little at the turn around. I tried a margarita flavor clif shot and thought I was going to puke on the first bite. I think it did help though as I felt great through the rest of the run. As we were getting closer to the end it was getting very busy on the greenway and we finished strong. My calfs were sore and no matter how much I stretched them they will not get loose. We talked for a couple minutes and tried to remove the 8 gallons of sweat from our clothes. Was an amazing run and I think we are planning on 12 miles there again this weekend. Count me in.

We then had a birthday party to go to and it was outside for all the kids to run around in the heat. It was fun and I tried to take it easy and walked to the sections of the park that my son wanted to play in. It was nice to talk to all of the parents of the kids in our son's class about a not so good teacher we have now. The party lasted for 2 hours and then everyone was ready to go so it was perfect timing. We dropped our son off at the in-laws and waited for a little so he would take a nap. My calfs were tight and my knees started to ache so I took a 800mg of ibuproferin, and in 5 minutes I could of ran a marathon. I felt like a champ for the rest of the night and never felt any pain or suffering. We went to a comedy club that night with several of the neighborhood parents and had an amazing night with no kids and LOTS of alchohol. The wife and I woke feeling real rough and decided to get as much rest as we could and it payed off as when we went over the inlaws for dinner and to pick up our son, I did 10 miles on my bike. I felt great and am going to keep riding the bike on sundays to get a good cross training going.

Hope everyone has a good week and a safe holiday!


Michele said...

I don't like the clif shots, jelly beans are MUCH better.

biking is great cross training, keep it up.

Jason The Running Man said...

Your the man! Have a safe 4th!