Monday, July 9, 2007

Big miles and big time hurt

Another great weekend filled with many activities and fun. I spent pretty much every minute with the little guy except for yesterday morning for a 12 mile run. Saturday night I was not feeling to great and think it was something I ate during the day. I didn't know I was going to run in the morning until around 8 at night. Woke up again before the alarm and was feeling ok, but I didn't feel like eating anything which is not good. Had a good run and we were going pretty good for most of the way. We ran on the greenway and stopped at the turnaround at the 4 mile mark and I had a GU. Not bad and it gave me a good boost for the next 4 miles. At this point we had to back track a couple of miles and I was starting to hurt, the guy I am running with had some clif shots again but this time he had pina colada flavor I think and wasn't as bad. It gave me a good boost for a couple of miles and then at the 11 mile mark I was spent. I had nothing in me and was hoping he would run on and I would meet him at the cars.
One thing I have learned about the Mike the guy I run with, he is a good motivator even though it is all marine related. See he is training for the marine corp marathon in October and has a friend or two that were/are in the marines. I did lots of training with the marines before and during my enlistment with the Coast Guard. I finally got him to run on and I slowly jogged the last mile or so and was completely spent. I didn't feel that bad once we stopped and stratched and drank more gatorade but when on the drive home and when I got home I was not feeling to great again so I took a shower and discovered that I had chaffed all of the sking in my private area, WOW!!! It hurt so bad that I didn't even think about my stomach issues. Spent the rest of the day with the big boy and wife and brought the big blow-up water slide to the back yard and big boy and his friend down the street played for hours on it and had a blast. Where were these things when we were growing up?

The wife and I are going away this weekend to a B&B in the mountains for our anniversary and plan on doing some good hiking. I am going to keep my running in the 4 to 6 mile range and more consistent in the next 2 weeks. Hope everyone has a good monday!


James said...

Hi there,

I am acting on behalf of Sylvester Stein: an 87-year old master athlete still competing. I always enjoy reading your blog, even if you're a fair bit younger than Sylvester, who I usually work with! I was wondering if you'd mind linking back to our blog, "Born on Christmas Day" ( He’s quite new to all this online running community, but would like to feel more involved!

Sylvester also founded the PeakPeformance ( website, which has a strong tie with your own fitness and health interests. Do get back to me.



Tom said...

Really enjoying reading your blog. Always great reading what other runners are learning and trying. Wish you continued good running and hope your friend does well at Marine Corps Marathon.


Jason The Running Man said...

12 miles..your doing great Rob! Yeah I have felt that pain before...get you some body glide..great stuff.

Gotta Run said...

It is always good to run with someone that can motivate you when you are running on low following some miles. Don't know how you could do the GU's though. It is just plain nasty to me and I get sick even thinking about it.

So how was the B&B? My husband and I love this one in Hendersonville, NC. Just nice to get away and still pretty close to home.