Monday, July 23, 2007

Blessed and Blessings

We had an amazing time at the B&B and really needed the time together relaxing and enjoying ourselves as a couple. I was planning on running while there but the wife informed me that I was not going to run cause we were having quality time together. I had brought my stuff but decided she was right and didn't go for a run. We did go for a great hike in the national park on a 2.7 trail up a mountain to a waterfall (not much rain and waterfall did not have much water falling) which we enjoyed to the fullest. We met a couple with a 7 month old girl that also hiked to the waterfall with the baby in a carrier on the dad's back. They were a very nice couple and the little girl was soo cute and happy that we enjoyed the time at the top. We ate lunch at the waterfall and tried to keep the wildlife (my wife thought it could be a rapid squirrel) out of our lunchs. I feed the chipmunks and squirrel some of the leftovers (calzone with almost a pound of jalepenos), and enjoyed seeing the confidence and courage of the little guys getting eye to eye with me. We really loved our 6th anniversary dinner and the fact that we brought mixed drinks to dinner in our own plastic tumbler cups. Needless to say we were feeling real good! I will post pics soon.

We came home and have been very busy getting back in the swing of things. I worked for 2 days and then had a colonoscopy for my second time in 3 years. Went well as they only found 1 polyp but they noticed I was having an irregular heartbeat. I have a doctor appointment next monday with a cardiologist and will have several tests to see what is up. The colonoscopy was done by the doctor my wife is the nurse for so she was in there to enjoy the joy of me being wacked out on some good drugs. I kept trying to tell jokes through the whole procedure and wouldn't shut up, so the crew upped my drugs. Was a good time!! I decided to not do anything until after the doctor appointment to make sure everything is ok and no need to push anything as the result could be death. We are hoping that it was just my electrolytes off balance and I don't need more medicine. I will definetely miss running but I know the important thing is making sure I am there for my wife and son for many years to come. I certainly know that I am very blessed and hope and pray that whatever the results, I am able to be there for my son and wife so we can live the great lives we are meant to live and are living!

Have a great week! Go for the stars and have confidence in your abilities!

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Jason The Running Man said...

Rob - Hang in there man! Keep me posted!