Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I need to get out and run!

I have been very busy lately working on things around the house and with the family that my running has been very bad and almost nonexistence. We have been in our new house now for about almost 2 years and this spring and summer is time for the outside projects to be completed. I had to clear out about 40 very small trees and overgrowth and then dig up the root balls and lay some dirt down to grow grass. We kept 10 trees and I will plant more in the fall. We then had a fence installed last month and then a huge playset for our son. It is all very awesome now and still needs lots of work but I want to get back into running more. I think I will start running and then doing some more yard work, especially since most of the stuff is weeding and establishing plant beds.

The hardest part of getting out and running for me is that I had a melanoma skin cancer removed almost 2 years ago and have a hard time spending lots of time in the sun. I have been in the sun my whole life and never really thought to much on the damaging effects it has on the largest organ of the human body. It has never really bothered me and was very easy to have removed (during my lunch break) so I don't really consider myself a survivor. I have to continue with check ups and can't donate blood for 5 years. The fact that the removal of the cancer was so easy does the opposite for the mind and all of the thoughts that run through your head. I have always had the mindset that cancer will not define me and limit my life, but it definitely affects my lifestyle.

I plan on doing a 4 mile run again today or tomorrow and I'm ready to get this show on the road!


Jason The Running Man said...

How things going in Charlotte. I didn't recognize the pic!

Jason The Running Man said...

You need to update your blog!:)

Jason The Running Man said...

and run...:)