Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Busy Bee

This is the play set we built in our backyard and part of the reason for my busy schedule with the honey-do list. It is awesome and the little guy has a great time playing in "his" backyard. I am at the point where I don't have to spend all day working on things and hope to pick up on weight training and running. I did go for a good run last night on the demand from Jason.

4 miles
9:30 pace

Congrats go to Jason on a great duathlon last weekend and I am very impressed with the big change he has made in his life. We worked together for a while and everything I know with computers I owe to him. He is a great guy and an amazing instructor that does a really good job no matter what he does. His wife and daughter are great also and wish we were still around greenville to hang out with them. The greatest thing about Jason in my mind is we have the same birthday (even though I am one year older). I would love to run the Richmond marathon with him but not sure at this point, we shall see.

Have a great wednesday!


Jess said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Man, that's an awesome "swing set" -- looks more like a theme park!

Jason The Running Man said...

Rob - Your to kind, thanks for the kudos! It was a blast. Great job on the run. Kind of funny you posted about the playset..did you build that? As of last week that was at the top of the honey do list for me. We've been looking at several playsets for Gracie but Ashli's dad decided he would help me build one. Let me know cause that thing is awesome! Your a great dad! We wish you guys were back in Greenville as well. The kids would have fun together I'm sure. Can't you come save me from your brother-in-law?:)