Monday, October 18, 2010

sun valley elementary 5k

Crazy week here for me, but a good busy. The wife and I ran the 5k at the big boys school last saturday with baby angel in her stroller. As soon as the run started, little angel was out and slept the whole race. The beautiful angel wife and I had a great run and everything was great. There was only like 75 people so it is very small and low key. We finished in 37:15 I think which is really good considering she started running 8 weeks before this. I think and hope she has caught the bug and we have more times together like this. I take the baby angel on runs every chance I get which is now once during the week and both days of the weekend. We love it.

The foot hurts still but now I just stretch it and massage the achilles which seems to work pretty well now. The good thing is that it is making me focus on running mostly on the forefoot. Sometimes it hurts real bad but is not criplling me any more. It is really bad though when I first stand up after sitting or laying for a while.

The weather has been perfect lately and making me want to get out more and more. The beautifule wife angel runs 3 early mornings a week and is looking for a boot camp that she can go to that is near our house. There is one real close but it is very expensive. We will find something for her to enjoy;)

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

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