Monday, November 23, 2009

run and christmas time

I did get a good run in on saturday morning, little chilly but warmed up nice on the return trip home. I was bundled up though as the worst part was the wind, so I wore my 180 degree ear warmers which worked perfectly. I took them off at the turn around point as well as my gloves. I was out the door at 7:30 in the morning as I had plenty of stuff that I needed to do the whole day. Was very nice to get the 5 mile run done even though I was completely exhausted later in the day, but I did do some pressure washing and christmas light set-up.

We put our christmas tree up saturday night (I put it up) and was in the process of rearranging the furniture when I either kicked a chair or put it on my toes, but anyways I was on the floor in extreme pain with the beautiful wife and big boy son looking at me, the beautiful wife was laughing her butt off and the big boy asked "Is daddy turning evil?" and the wife lost it at that point. Good times and the toes are ok, still hurt though.

HBBC starts today and I am hoping to get some good points in. I love this kind of challenge especially during this time of year. The team part is new but this could help motivate even more.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

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