Thursday, April 30, 2009

I was finally able to go for a run last night and could feel the effects of not running for 2 weeks. I purchased a heart rate monitor last week and was eager to get it a test run. I ran 4 miles in 39 minutes with my average heart rate at 155, trying to keep it easy and slow. The weather was absolutely beautiful and absolutely perfect running conditions. It was so nice to get back out and even though it was a little tuff, I really enjoyed being out.

I've been busy the past couple of weeks visiting family and last weekend we went to Charleston as a family. The wife and son went to see Cirque du soleil show with her parents (who traveled with us) and a friend of ours, while I went fishing on our friends boat with her husband. It was awesome to be back on my old stomping grounds and even got to see my old Coast Cuard crew do their job when a small plane crashed in the marsh a few hundred yards from us. We saw the plane circling the marsh and island several times and when we entered the intercoastal waterway, ICW, I had a feeling it was out the ordinary to see a plane that low in that part of area. As we were making our way down the ICW I had to stay clear of the 6-7 emergency boats going by enroute to the plane. The CG boat and another law enforcement boat went by us at close to 80 mph's and it was low tide with very little room for any boat to stay out of the way. Very cool and then the CG helo was on site and found the wreckage and dropped the rescue swimmer, we had our handheld radio on and listened to the rescue swimmer, pilot and radioman at the base communicate that there was no POB persons on board. The father and son landed in the marsh and then walked to a house several hundred yards away. It was awesome to see this all go down all the while enjoying a sweet cold beer and all the surrondings on the water that day. We then left the crowded ICW and found our fishing spot but only caught a cast net when I pulled the anchor on board. Was such a great weekend down there and the wife and mother in law will always be looking for a way to move there. We showed our in-laws and the big boy all the area the next day including the beach, plane crash and all of downtown Charleston. So as much as I would of loved to run or get outside and do something, I have no complaints at all and would take these two weeks off again to spend with family in friends.

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RunnerDude said...

What brand heart monitor did you get? I've been putting off getting one, but I think it's time.