Monday, February 9, 2009

7 on the 7th

The frigid cold winter finally made its way out of town for the weekend and it looks like it may be gone for the week as well. I woke up early on Saturday morning to get my 7 miles in for the 7 on the 7th race. The temp was around 40 and getting warmer as the sun rose during the day. The first mile was cold with a chilled wind making my hands numb, but I shoved them in my long sleeve and kept at the run. The second mile I was starting to warm up some but didn't have much energy in me from a light breakfast composed of a breakfast bar. I fueled up on some gatorade which helped for most of the run. I finished the run in 1:05 with a hard run uphill which I was hurting alot at this point. Having only been running once a week is really showing as well as I am feeling it in my lungs. I am planning on getting some short runs in this week with a desire to get back to at least 3 runs per week.

We had good friends visit us for the weekend from Charleston so I had to hurry up and clean up after the run. We hung out at the house and really enjoyed the time with them. We ended up going to The Cheesecake Factory for dinner that night with them but the beautiful wife and I shared a meal and appetizer as well as a dessert. The place is absolutely amazing and is definitely one of my favorite restaurants. Had a wonderful time with them there as we ate and talked, planning a trip to Charleston in April. We woke up Sunday and spent all morning drinking coffee and talking more about all the wonderful things we have in our life's, family and friends. The left at noon and I immediately starting working outside in the 70 degree weather on the stone patio I'm building. I was able to get what I needed to get done for the patio with a big desire to finish it this weekend if weather permits. The big boy was sick all week and weekend so he chilled out at the in-laws place but had a good time. I miss him but needed to spend time with our friends and wife.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest! Carpi Diem!

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