Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Fathers day

Had a great weekend with the family and really enjoyed father's day. Helped my father-in-law install a ceiling fan in the guest bedroom and it took us a little longer than usual because the attic opening and walkway were in our way. We were also looking into our ac system as the house has not been cooling down. When we were getting ready to go to our evening plans of a music and drinking on the promenade, the house was very hot and we had all of the fans on and the ac turned down to 70. We drove to the Promenade shopping center with our neighbors and made plans to stay with the inlaws for the night cause of the hot house. We get to the promenade and it starts to rain, no thunder, just rain which we need. My big boy freaks out and is crazy thinking it is going to be thundering and lightning. We wait for a little while in a restaruant and eat and then try to go outside to enjoy the event. It starts to rain some more and they decide to cancel the event. The beautiful wife and big boy start heading to the van and I am gathering our stuff to bring to the van and the big boy is screaming for me to run and hurry up. I do hurry up with both arms full and get to him to calm him down. We get in the van and he is fine until we get to our neighbors house when the adults decide we want to drink outside under her covered patio. He freaks out again and won't come outside for a second cause of the rain. We hung out for a while and let the kids play while the adults drank until we left to go to the inlaws house.

Woke up and enjoyed a nice breakfast with the family and then went to walmart to get my father-in-law his present of a 4-man blow up boat which they didn't have. We finished shopping and then went to the house to drop off the groceries in the hot house. We then went to the inlaws pool and swam for several hours and I had a blast playing with the big boy. We finished up and then I went for a 4 mile run but was not very hydrated. I am hoping the air gets fixed soon this week and I am able to get a trail run in soon.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. I am truly blessed with everything I have and wish the best for all of you.

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