Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I do

Had a good weekend and was able to get a couple of things done on my honey-do-list. Did a 5 mile run friday night and my ipod was messed up. Was a nice run and I enjoyed the warmth and not listening to music. The wife and I had a wedding to go to on saturday so the big boy went to his grandparents house here in town. Was a very nice wedding at a small chapel in downtown Charlotte and the reception was at Morehead Inn which is an old Inn in Charlotte. There were only 20 people at the wedding and the wife used to work with a couple of them but I still had a good time. The wife and I went out to dinner afterwards and had a good time at Outback. We went home afterwards and partied in our bed with our eyes closed for the rest of the night, crazy. I spent Sunday working on sealing the wood playset we have and only got the top of it done. The big boy came home from his grandparents and played in the yard with my brother and they had a great time. I finally stopped sealing and cleaned up when I looked up at the RAIN clouds above our house. I think it only drizzled for a minute and the sealing should be ok.

I had a nice run last night and the ipod worked after I fixed it. Was a little chilly but after 2 miles I was feeling good even though it was sprinkling a little. I ended up doing 6 miles with a 10 minute pace but I was holding the pace back the whole time. I think I am ready to do some bigger miles and this weekend so we will see.

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