Monday, February 4, 2008

no run for you!

I had a dr. appointment last week and they took some x-rays of the left ankle and according to the radiologists, it looks like it is the beginning stage of a stress fracture. The wife and I took the big boy to the circus in town on friday and we really enjoyed the show. We went to the beautiful wife's office afterwards and ate lunch. The big boy loved hanging out at his mommies work and looking out her window at all the things going on uptown Charlotte. We took the city train/subway to and from the city and that was really cool. I wish I could take that everyday. When we got home, my ankle was swollen so bad and it was killing me. I am not going to run for at least 2 months but I am a little worried about it healing at all. I am going to take it easy and rest as long as I need to though and I look forward to going back out for a run. I am enjoying spending the times inside and being around the family.
Love and Hug all your loved ones every chance you get.

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