Monday, August 27, 2007

weekend run and workout

I did a 3 mile good run on saturday morning and the last .25 mile was tuff as the sun came out full force. I stayed in the 10 minute pace and was enjoying being out in the morning air while listening to my mp3 player. I did a cross training day yesterday and worked out with my weights after painting another hallway. I got a ton of small things done around the house as I was all by myself.

I went to a guy only bar-b-que at one of my bosses house on saturday afternoon and we all grilled a sampling of our grilling abilities. I did buffalo wings and they were ok, but the others had some amazing eats with the ribs and tequila lime chicken winning hands down. Was a great day with fun had by all. I am looking forward to my runs this week and am going to try to pick it up to 3 days, monday, wednesday, and friday. We are headed to Sea World on saturday with my inlaws and we should have a good time.

Have a good week!

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Jason The Running Man said...

glad your back on the road running! Now I'm hungry!:)