Thursday, August 23, 2007

On the road again

Went for a nice 3 mile run and I enjoyed every second of it. I didn't go fast and I didn't go far. I even walked some of the run. But I was so happy to believe alive and able to enjoy everything including the heat. I couldn't find my watch so I don't have a clue what my splits and I don't care either. I could tell that I have alot of rust in my legs that will take some time to work out and I am still happy!
Before I went for my run I wrestled with the big guy for a couple of minutes and he said "no wrestling after running cause you stink too bad!" The night before he wanted me to take a bath with him cause we were playing around and he wanted to play some more in the tub. He chased me around his room and bathroom saying he wanted to smell my feet. "Stinky daddy, get in the tub!" I think the wifey has been feeding his mind cause he blames all the smells in the house on me.
We finally got some rain last night even though the first 10 minutes were very nasty and someones trash can is against my fence. It has rained since 7/28 and all of the grass and trees are burnt and dead. Isn't it interesting how the southeast is in a very bad drought and 3 states over is having the worst flooding. Mother nature is so confused and extremely forceful. I will always respect all that mother nature has to offer and don't take anything for granted. I have been in all that she has to offer and barely escaped a couple of her major offerings. I was in the 50' seas during the perfect storm saving boats and sailors, was in at least 30 hurricanes and both Andrew and Hugo and surfed Gilbert. I was stuck on a mountain for 3 days during a blizzard and hid in a closet during a tornado. I love all of it and thank the lord I was one of the lucky ones to make it through. I pray for all those suffering cause of her though.

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Kim said...

glad you had a fantastic run! it's always great to get back into pounding of the pavement! but not always great to reek of stink again :)