Monday, August 20, 2007

Good to go

Got the test results from all my heart test and doc says all is good and I can continue with my exercise and activities. Was planning on doing a calebration run saturday morning but woke up late which I never do. The little guy was over the in-laws and I slept in. I don't know the last time I did that. I had a full schedule the rest of the day and didn't eat any lunch friday and saturday to fuel a welcome back run. Sunday was slammed with moving my brother into his college dorm and then the family all went to race go-carts. We let the little guy drive his own little go-cart and he lasted 15 feet, ran right into the guard rail and smashed his face into the steering wheel padding and bit his lip. He has a motorized jeep at home and does good driving that but I am right next to him so he has a good safety net. Not at this place. We then went on the big track and he rode as a passenger with me and we beat everyone and he really enjoyed that. It was 100 out so we retreated afterwards inside the outlet mall. We have had the pleasure of my wife's best friend staying with us all weekend and she wanted to go to Carraba's for dinner since she has never been there. I knew at that point that my run for sunday was out of the question also. No problem, I will start back up this week.

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