Thursday, August 30, 2007

close to back to a routine

Had a good 4 mile run last night and kept the pace under 10 minutes. I was feeling a little tight in the calf mucles so I decided to take it easy and just keep running. I finished the run and was soaked to the core with sweat. I had a bottle of water with me on the run and finished it before I went inside. Had another bottle of water while strecthing and then took a bath with the big guy. I am looking forward to tomorrow as I am off for the next 6 days and going to Sea World for 3 of the days. I haven't been to Sea World in Orlando in almost 15 years and wanted to get a job with them after the Coast Guard. The big guy will have a blast and will make up for the 8 hour drive with my in-laws in the car. I have a good friend and his wife as well as 2 brothers in Orlando that I get to see so should be a great weekend. I am planning on a 6 mile trail run tomorrow and hope to not be hurting for it.

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Jason The Running Man said...

Have a great time Rob and be safe! I love Sea World, I'm jealous.