Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Burning Rubber

I went for an easy run last night at 7 and in the second mile I started to get a couple of whiffs of what smelled like burning rubber. I didn't much of it and kept on chugging along. It was very hot and humidity was in the upper 90%. I stopped for a water break at the 2 mile mark and then started up again at a slower pace. I smelled the burning rubber again and then noticed that my feet and shoes were melting. I was born and raised in south Florida and am very experienced in the dangerous effect that heat and humidity have on a body, so I knew that I was not going to break any records and needed to take it easy and relax. I relaxed my shoulders and stopped focusing on the pain from my melting feet and took it very easy. When I became overheated I would stop and drink water and find some shade. I got home and looked like I went swimming, was happy to get the run done and over with.

4 miles

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Jason The Running Man said...

Great run Rob! Yeah the heat and humidity have been terrible here in Greenville as well!