Monday, May 21, 2007

weekend run

Relay for Life was a great event and I am going to do the relay again next year and plan on staying the whole night. A co-worker and I did 10 miles walking around the high school track and we were both hurting around the 5 mile mark. He was thinking of calling it quits at the 7.5 mark and I was motivated to do the 10 miles so we did and felt great afterwards. The event istself was great and really moving when you think of all the illuminated bags as a person being affected by cancer.

I took my son to the race track here in Charlotte to meet my oldest brother who was working with the Speed channel and we had a great time. My son got to sit in a race car that was half open to see what a race car is made of. He loved it and wanted to see the cars race but there was no way I was taking him in there. The place was packed with the most interesting of people and I think each and every person had a beer and a cooler.

I ran 3 miles on sunday at a 10 minute pace and really enjoyed getting out in the afternoon heat. I run in the community I live in and have several small hills that make any walk or run good and challenging. Since we have moved here almost 2 years now I run alone. When we lived in Greenville SC, I ran during lunch at work with a group of people through Spartanburg and really miss the people and time I was able to run. It is hard to find time to run now as I don't want to take away from family time, but I still am able to run at least twice a week. I want to run a marathon and I know I will need to pick up the training to do that but I am really focused on my family first and foremost.

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