Wednesday, June 23, 2010

half a mile try

I took the beautiful angel for a trial run in her jogging stroller around the block. Worked great and could have gone longer had I not been pratically dying out there. She was fine and I think she really enjoyed it. My foot was killing me and I think it is time for me to get new shoes. I used our muscle massager last night on it and it feels much better today so I am going to keep using that. I have really been in a funk lately and I think that getting my running back will knock me out of it so I am wanting to run pretty bad. Not going to push it though.

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Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.

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Founder of Jog for Joubert Syndrome said...

it is brutal hot out today isn't it??? tired of the NC summer, how bout you???