Wednesday, February 10, 2010

no rush

Still no sign of labor in the 38 week although the big boy picked last friday as her birthday. We are all ready for her and just taking it easy at our house. The room and house is ready for her, as well as her big brother is ready to love and hold her. He has informed us that he is excited to teach her to beat me up and tell me I am stinky. Can't wait. We did have a rough week last week with the big boy getting the 24 hour bug on wednesday and all night. He is still scared of getting sick and thinks germs are everywhere and in everything he eats (they are) but we are calming him some and helping him understand how our bodies work. No runs and no workouts for me and I can certainly feel the effects. Looking forward to spring when my family will be coming up to visit baby angel as well as the mountain house.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get. Live everyday to the fullest.


Laurel said...

It's so close! I didn't realize how close our due dates where.

Big brother is cracking me up. That is hilarious. Would it be weird to say my husband says the same thing to me? He says he and Bean are going to gang up on me and call me stinky. Ha. Guess my husband has the mentality of your little boy ;)

Good luck to you all!

Drifter said...

Wow - an imminent birth! I hope all goes well and your family is blessed with another healthy and happy addition :) Loved the nursery, totally fit for a princess.

Absolutely the best of everything to you all!