Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weekend work and run

Had a very busy weekend with a 52" LCD tv mounting and installation complete with running all wires through the walls. I was thinking that it would only take up some of the day saturday but I started at 8 am and didn't stop until 9 pm. We moved are old projection tv to a friend of ours house so I moved that and my butt muscles are sore now. It is all complete now and we are so happy to be done and enjoying our new tv. I woke up early sunday and decided to go for a run in the cold morning. I was bundled up though for a good 5 mile run even though I warmed up after the 2 mile mark but was so happy to be outside. I then came home to enjoy my coffee so I could put up my neighbors Christmas lights as they are too old to do it and I like to make everyone happy.

I am going to list my HBBC points on the right side of the blog to keep track as suggested by Run to Finish. She asked me about my core workouts and if there were any that helped with my running. I do a mixture of exercises starting with a 20 rep of dumbell curls or something similar. I then do 30 sit-ups, followed by 30 pushups. Then 20 leg lifts followed by 30 closed grip pushups. Then 30 crunches followed by 10 pull-ups. I do this everyday and also a 30 push-up, 20 ab-roller, 15 closed grip pushups first thing in the morning. The morning routine drives my wife nuts but I love it as it gets me up and going for the day.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get and you need to tell them your love for them every chance you can also. Live everyday to the fullest.

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RunToFinish said...

hmm every day abs huh.. I do PT for my knee every day but wasn't sure about abs and push ups. I think if I do it every day that would be easier to never skip.

funny how home projects are never as quick as we imagine