Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Happy 4th of July

Hope everyone had a good 4th and ours was nice and fun. We went to a kids parade at a close by community that has a decorated kids fun parade. We went with several of our neighbors and walked with our kids as they rode their patriotic decorated bikes.
We played around the little park there for a while and ate the .50 hotdaogs and drinks. We did this last year and we will continue doing this every year. It was a very hot day but I had planned ahead and brought our 2 outside sunbrellas and chairs and really enjoyed the event. We then went to our houses for a couple of hours to get some rest before we would go to the big firework display in a small town next to ours. We got to the empty overgrown field around 5:30 and we were the only ones there until around 7:30ish. We played games with the little ones while the wives sat around the vehicles. The fireworks were good and we all enjoyed them. Traffic was real bad leaving there and took us a while to get home. It was 11:30 when we finally got home as the big boy and I slept in the tent I make in his room. We love doing this every weekend even though it leaves me with knots in my back and shoulders.
Saturday we decided to hang with the inlaws at their pool which is not my idea of fun, but... we actually hung around their pool for awhile and I enjoyed every minute of it. I mostly stayed in the shade the whole time but still made every effort to play with my son. They have a big slide there and when I went on the slide and told the big boy to watch me, HE FREAKED OUT! He told me never to go on that again. Very cute.
I did manage to go on 2 runs this holiday weekend and the first one was thursday night with a quick good run around our community. According to the nike plus data, I ran a 7.20 mile for the 4th mile. Not sure about that but I definetely enjoyed the long run. I ran again after the pool and the heat was a little to much so I took it very easy. Sunday was rest day as the big boy started to get sick which ended up having me stay home on monday to take him to the doctors. I haven't worked out or run since saturday but I am happy that it has rained those 3 days I've missed.
Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get.

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