Thursday, May 29, 2008

memorial weekend with family

We had an awesome weekend this past weekend and was non-stop activites that we are still feeling the effects of. My oldest brother was in town working for speedchannel at the big nascar race and we have always wanted his wife and 3 girls to come with him and spend time with us. My brother was smart and used the rental car they give him for his wife and girls to come in on friday afternoon and he got a ride from a co-worker into town on wednesday night. He expensed out the car and gas and all eating they did and they used the hotel room that the speedchannel gives him. The big boy was so excited when I told him his cousins were coming to visit and that is all he would talk about (even in his sleep). The girls came over friday night and we let the kids play around for a while and we ate pizza outside. The kids had so much fun even when we moved to the inside of the house at dusk. They stayed for a little while and left for the hotel around 9:30.

Saturday started out raining and a little chilly but we were not planning on doing anything except get our pool passes for our community pool which was opening up for the summer. We left around lunch time for their hotel so the kids can play and we would go up to the race track to see their dad. The kids played for a little bit as the sun was out in full force and it started to get really warm. We decided to go to the track as the kids were excited and so were we. We drove to the track and the beautiful wife dropped us all off and we walked to where my brother would be at. We hung out in the speedchannel talent tent where they get out of the sun and wait for the trackside show. We hung out for a while there while they worked on a couple of issues and then went to take the kids to the Lowe's kid zone where they could build wood race cars and other activities. All the kids had fun building the cars and then we raced cars on a video came they had in replica race cars. The kids loved this and were so excited about all the cool stuff they were getting. My brother then took the kids to see the speedchannel race car and the kids loved that also. My brother then wanted to take us to pit row so we all hoped on his golf cart and drove through the tunnel (under the track) which was probably the kids favorite part. We got in to the pits just as a car was qualifying and went right above us at 185 mph. That was the coolest thing and the kids were awe struck. We went all around the pits and saw everything we could see as well as an open area where we could see the cars go by on turn 1. Above is the big boy trying to watch a car go bywith his cousin behind him.

We then continued to tour the race track and drove all around the track. The beautiful wife was ready to pick us up at this point so we met up with her and then dropped of my S.i.L at the hotel so her and my brother could go to a dinner date and whatever else they wanted. We took all the kids home and played outside/inside and fed them all a good dinner. We then gave them all baths and let them watch a movie in the big boys room while I made a tent in his room. The kids had a blast and were all very good and even went to sleep, except the 2 year old. The 2 year old is attached to her mommy so after dinner they came and picked her up to take back to the hotel. My beautiful wife and I were exhausted and looked at each other in bed and thought how in the world does anyone do it with multiple kids. I am experienced with multiple kids but my wife is not, and I ensured her that it is hard work but you can do it.

We all woke up in the morning and had a donut breakfast and played outside. It was a beautiful morning and I enjoyed my coffee while the kids played. My S.i.L took her time and went to breakfast with their little girl and then came over our house and let the kids play more. The kids played all day and we went swimming, played, and then went to a neighborhood party where the kids played some more. Was a great weekend and we hope they come to visit more or move closer than hotlanta so we can visit more.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you can.

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Mendy said...

Sounds like you had a great Memorial Day weekend!