Friday, February 29, 2008

time for a break

I can't wait to get back out and run again, but I know that I will have to take it easy and work my way back into it. I didn't do any workouts this week as I ate something bad or something made my insides hurt. I started my core pushups and situps yesterday and they were a real struggle. I must of really hurt my back and arms moving furniture around last week cause my back was killing me. I think I needed a couple of extra rest and glad I listened to my aching body. The weather has been real cold lately here so I am not missing any outside runs. I am gonna take 1 more week off from running and next weekend I will go for a easy small run.

I have been a little upset with the local politics where we live as the city council FINALLY decided to let the citizens vote on whether beer and wine can be sold at restaurants, hotels, and motels. No liquor, just beer and wine would be able to be sold. Now I am not upset cause I want to have alcohol, I am upset cause the 5 council members have taken years and tons of tax money to finally let the people decide. They are worried that if they let alcohol drinks in the town then there will be more crime and we will lose the one thing that makes us different from big Charlotte. I can feel my blood pressure rise every time I think about this. It is so stupid. I am glad that we will finally be able to vote on the issue and hopefully we can get this passed and the 4 restaurants here in town can help their sales a little.

Love and hug your loved ones every chance you get.

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