Thursday, December 27, 2007

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Had a great Christmas and was really one of the greatest ones that I have had. One of my best friends and his wife visited with us for 3 days and left yesterday morning for the return home to Florida. It was the first time that a friend of mine has visited with me and I hope it is a start of more to come. We both played 9 holes of golf on monday and we took my big boy son and his wife with us and it was one of the best times I have ever had. I let my son play on a couple of holes and he drove the cart a couple of times and he loved it. We hung out the rest of the time and enjoyed good food and really enjoyed some good stories and each others company.
Santa came during the night of Christmas eve and left some of the best gifts I have ever seen under the tree. We all enjoyed all of the gifts and the little guy loved all of his especially his bike. I was amazed that my wife suprised me with a ipod nano and the nike+ kit to go with it. I am so excited to use it during my next run and I need to get a holder for the sensor very soon. I will post some recent pics soon. I was not expecting anything this holiday and have feeling very happy and blessed with what I already have. I know that I am the luckiest man alive and I hope everyone feels the same way!

I did a 6 mile trail run on saturday and it was awesome. I have been working really hard on getting stronger and it better shape by doing 100 push-ups, 40 sit-ups, and other core exercises everyday. I have been working out at home at least once a week using my weights and I love it. I started this back in November and I really notice a big difference in several things. I think this is a new habit for me and I am planning on keeping it up for as long as I can.

Love and hug the ones you love today and everyday! Spend as much time as you can with them and enjoy every second!