Thursday, June 21, 2007

winning the lottery and scuba running

Its been a couple years since I put all my scuba gear on and went for a dive on a reef. Now that we live in Charlotte and are hours away from a good dive, it seems to me that I have been wanting to don my gear and hit the streets. The first 3 miles felt like I had the whole ensomble with me, fins, knife, booties, weight belt, and pack with tank. Somehow when I stopped for a quick water break at the 3 mile mark, I lost all of the gear and really enjoyed the rest of the run. I forgot I was running and started to think about what a great day today is for me to be able to go for a run and everything I have in my life. I sometimes wonder what would it feel like to win the lottery. I have everything I could ever want and am the luckiest man alive. I am healthy and able to do things and see my family every morning and evening. I thought of the firefighters, all the people (military and civilians) away from their families, and all the people that have to travel for work and don't get to see their families. Thinking of all these people I really became focused and picked up the pace and felt great. I don't care if I win any money from the lottery cause I have everything that money can't buy!

7 milesish- 60 minutes


Jason The Running Man said...

Great run, good post. I had a very similar run last night. We are lucky guys!

Jess said...

And you're even luckier for realizing how lucky you are! Not everyone can appreciate what they have in life -- that's a gift!