Friday, June 15, 2007

15 minute explosion

I had a great interval run last night and picked the pace up to around 9:30 as a core. I wanted to see if I could keep up with a faster pace as tomorrow I am running with someone from the neighborhood and he runs a 8:30 pace. I timed the intervals to coincide with hills and then decided to extend the distance to include the uphills as well. It has been a couple years since running a 8:30 pace and I don't know if I kept that pace for 6 miles. I was happy with my performance last night and am glad to see I still have some kick.

The little guy had an explosion as I was putting him to sleep last night and was uncontrollable for about 15 minutes. The last 5 minutes I spent trying to calm him down and when he finally did calm down, he was like it never happened. He laid down next to me in his bed and we talked about the cars he has and then he grabbed me for a big hug and kiss. He was out for the rest of the night about 30 seconds later and BSW(beautiful sexy wife) and I discussed the resemblance he has with her. Like a little version of her. By the way, the cause of the explosion was I turned his TV off as a commercial for a ice skating movie was coming on Disney channel.

We are planning on going to a minor league baseball game tomorrow night as a family and invited my in-laws to come also. They live about 10 minutes from us and help out tremendously with everything. I am looking forward to going to the game and letting my son experience a baseball game as my dad did with me and my brothers. Being from south Florida and having all the spring training camps close by was great and know the big boy will enjoy it as well as all of us will.

Happy Fathers day!!

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Jason The Running Man said...

know the explosion thing very well!!:)